The 18 Major Life Lessons I Learnt in 2018

The 18 Major Life Lessons I Learnt in 2018

Here we are again, the end of a book and this time it so happens to be the novel that was 2018. A lot occurred in the past 12 chapters and 365 pages and for all I find peace with and am grateful.

Moments have been filled with pleasure, some with agony, some with sadness, elation, shock, glee, gloom, mild insanity, just to name a few otherwise we'll be here for the whole of 2019 if I try to list all the adjectives I've felt recently. I actually really enjoy watching the pendulum swing every which way asking you ever so politely with a kick up the butt to keep and never stop progressing.

I used to HATE the thought of new years eve and even birthdays so much that I'd get emotionally and physically distressed about them. It meant that the clock kept ticking and chapters kept ending, a concept my little eleven year old self didn't want to accept that when I woke up the date would be new, unfamiliar and look odd on a page. It's only been this year that I've embraced and welcomed the change, maybe even started to look for it but I am still forever learning to appreciate the journey and enjoy the transitions that lead onwards and upwards.

I stepped many times out of my comfort zone and in doing so learnt a ridiculous amount about myself. My capabilities, I got an even stronger sense of what I like and dislike, the kind of person I am in relationships, how I show and accept love and even more clarity on what I want to accomplish in this lifetime as Delilah.

I'm not really one who finds it particularly easy to talk about my physical accomplishments as they can be really quite personal and I frankly don't think that it's anybodies business but mine. So no, this list isn't filled with bucket list destinations I ticked off or dream cars I bought but hey, I'll never go to paradise if I've never been to me.

Without further ado, I share with you the simplified and shortened versions of some of the biggest lessons of my life so far:

  1. Compliments can turn into best friends, so throw them around like confetti

  2. Stay open to what is to come because you have no idea how fabulous it really is

  3. Turning 18 doesn't have to be scary in fact it's empowering

  4. Doing something simply because you want to is as valid a reason as any

  5. Not doing something simply because you don't want to is as valid a reason as any

  6. Your preferences are not to be limited by you or anyone

  7. Not every lolly in the mix bag will be your favourite one but isn't the variety neat

  8. Loving with your whole heart is a strength that cannot be measured

  9. You and only you control you

  10. It's more then okay to not feel at your peak every day, the rest is just as important

  11. If they have your back even when you're not looking they really do care

  12. Physical looks are the least interesting thing about a person

  13. Know what you want and be okay with wanting it

  14. Improvement will come eventually for now just focus on starting

  15. If it once blessed you with happiness don't waste precious time regretting it

  16. Living your most authentic life inspires others to do so as well

  17. Not everyone shows love the same way as you that doesn't mean its any less valid

  18. Everyday is a reason to celebrate

The Resplendent Lioness has only just launched in the last few months of 2018 and I have to say the thing I am most looking forward to for the new year is watching it expand, change and grow.

I hope 2019 and every other year to come knocks your spotty little socks off and is filled with merriment and the pure bliss.

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