Affirmations Will Change Your Life: Here's How To Start

Affirmations Will Change Your Life: Here's How To Start

The reason why affirmations and intentions are so fabulous is because you are making yourself the captain of how you feel rather than letting the outside world dictate and decide for you. You are making the conscious choice to feel good from within rather than trying to find an external source to do it half-arsed for you. Saying daily affirmations that raise your spirit and vibration is one of the biggest signs that someone cares for themselves and that makes me so extremely excited!

Affirmations are an amazing tool to help you connect with yourself once again. They can assist in removing what is no longer serving you and introduce you to the wonderful world of manifestation, creation, intuition and unconditional love.

If you're new to the world of affirming your power I welcome you with open arms and want to show you how simple it is to channel your energy in the the direction that works best for you and your highest most loveliest good.

It is important to make sure you have everything in order before you begin affirming your divine belief in-self that will just help enhance the experience and set healthy habits for the future. Affirmations are to work for you so see this checklist as a rough outline to help you get started and once you know what does, you've got the whole world in your hands.

Step one: Make a list.

Write down the reasons why you are wanting to start daily affirmations. Are you wanting to manifest something? Do you need reminders of your self worth? Is there an old wound you are trying to heal? Everyone performs affirmations for different reasons and that is the real beauty in them, so before beginning, discover why and what do you want personally to get out of them?

Step two: Prepare the space.

Remove as much distraction as possible from the area you wish to set your intentions. The idea to is to feel cleared and refreshed so choose a space that you feel comfortable and happy in that isn't too overcrowded so energy can move about freely.

Step three: Resonate with the affirmations.

There are a plethora of affirmations out there it can be hard knowing where exactly to start. Ask yourself what are you wanting to strengthen and nourish within you? No doubt there will be many topics just choose the one that applies to you most in the moment and go with that. They have to work for you in order to work with you.

Step four: Set your intentions.

How you feel has a greater impact than any words you ever speak. The reason we use affirmations is to re-train stuck thinking patterns and energy into moving for us when they've been moving against. Feeling joy, at ease and relaxed is going to have a far greater affect than feelings of irritation and annoyance so be aware of the kind of energy you are placing into your affirmations.

Step five: Delivery.

Everyone actively delivers affirmations differently. Some like to speak them out loud, others read them to themselves and some like to write them down each time. There is no correct way it's simply however you feel they sink in best. If you're unsure try them all at different times and see how they feel. Maybe one will work one day and another the next.

I have written a set of affirmations to show you how easy it is to generate feel-good momentum. These have been designed to say at the beginning of the day to bring out your internal sunshine and to welcome the wonder that will find it's way to you.

"Today I choose to laugh, to allow pleasure, to keep an open mind and heart, to welcome new experiences, to make how I feel a priority and that is to feel good.

Today I choose to feel abundant, to feel rich in all aspects of my life, to feel loved and to know that I am enough just as I am.

Today I look for the beauty in every moment, I appreciate that it has appeared just for me and I recognise that it is a reflection of my highest self.

Today is happening not to me but for me, unfolding as I see fit and from here on out I choose to make my intentions and energy work for me.

Today is a clean canvas like any other and I choose to paint the most colourful of pictures because that is my life and my truest essence.

So be it."

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